Daniel Lechmański

Facts and fictions about him

Daniel Lechmański


Born somewhere in Warsaw’s Prague in a time he can’t remember (for obvious reasons). Due to environmental conditions Dani grew up being a curious child. However, instead of pursuing a career in the local moonshine business little Dani spent all the money he could save from his allowance on an axe. He always wanted to become an axeman.

That didn’t work out very well so he got a good deal trading his axe in for… an axe. A guitar that is.With much support from his dad, the young man began butchering the greatest hits of Deep Purple and Def Leppard. Glam rock didn’t stick for long (much like the hair on Dani’s head) and he reached for heavier sounds. He reached and found Exlibris, with whom he fights everyday reality to this very day!

Hungry for more variety he joined Chain Reaction & Corruption and now struggles to get by with them too. Has no spare time because he can’t see the world past his guitar. Can’t even find the time to trim his nails. Hates loud fridges and running out of vodka.

  • Job in the band: guitars and backing vocals
  • Member since: forever
  • Gear: Caparison Dellinger, Dean Luckyman by Ran Guitars, Ltd M-1000 Deluxe, Peavey 5150 II + Marshall 1960A
  • Other projects: Whorrecane
  • Favorite movie: Back to the Future, Terminator 2, Star Wars, Beetlejuice, Aliens
  • Favorite drink: dr pepper, cytroneta plus, yogurt
  • Favorite posistion: na pączka
  • Portfolio: DeanLuckyman
  • Stuff he says: “Taa”, “uuuaaaa”, “strasznie drogo!”, “Dzień dobry, jest cytrynówka?”