Download: The Night Of Burning

Download: The Night Of Burning


Full HD quality download version of our live-dvd. You’ll receive cool download gift card that contains your secret download code and instructions how to download the full concert in awesome Blu Ray quality.

  1. The Continuum
  2. Escape Velocity
  3. In The Darkest Hour
  4. Follow The Light
  5. Of Fire And Thunder
  6. Omega Point
  7. The Mental Crusade
  8. Piano solo + Before The Storm
  9. King Of The Pit
  10. Fight For Your Right
  11. Left Behind
  12. Closer
  13. Suspended Animation
  14. Darker Than Black
  15. Dreamcraft
  16. The Day Of Burning
  17. Hellphoria
  18. All Guts, No Glory
  19. Long Live Rock ‘n Roll




Omega Point (DVD: The Night Of Burning 2016)
  1. 1. Omega Point (DVD: The Night Of Burning 2016)
  2. 2. Closer (DVD: The Night Of Burning 2016)
Exlibris - Omega Point - feat. Tomasz Trzeszczyński (ThermiT) - Live (The Night Of Burning)
Exlibris - Closer feat. Łukasz Drapała (Chemia) & Piotr Rutkowski - Live (The Night Of Burning)

Recorded live at Proxima, Warsaw on 8.01.2015.
Guest vocals by Tomasz “Trzeszczu” Trzeszczyński.
Mixed by Tomasz Zalewski at ZED Studio.
Video produced by Misiek Ślusarski.
Hellfire by Szwagier.