The Band


The story of Exlibris so far

Combining the energy of traditional heavy metal and hard rock with melodic hooks and complex arrangements since the end of 2003, Exlibris stands for rockin’ guitars, distinct rythms, epic orchestrations and powerful lead vocals.

Their debut album “Humagination“, released in October 2013, was named “Album of the month” by Metal Hammer Poland (10/2013) and – according to – was the highest scoring rock album of 2013 in online reviews. “Humagination” was proof that there’s still room for fresh ideas in the world of melodic heavy metal.

Exlibris has shared the stage with bands such as Def Leppard, Primal Fear, Lordi, Steel Panther or Blaze Bayley (ex Iron Maiden) and toured both Poland and neighboring countries.

Not even a full year following the release of “Humagination”, Exlibris began recording it’s successor. “Aftereal” consists of 50 minutes of brand new music that marks another step in the band’s evolution. The new album will be released in December 2014 in Europe and January 2015 in North America.

After a little touring in support of Aftereal in 2015, lead singer Krysztof Sokołowski left the band to focus on other musical endeavors. The line-up was once again completed after the addition of Finnish lead singer Riku Turunen in 2016, which was followed by some major festival appearances (including the famous Woodstock Festival Poland).

Also in 2016, the band released their first live DVD “The Night of Burning“, recorded back in January ’15 (also available as a digital donwload in Full HD).

Plans for the forseeable future include closed down bars, strained livers and broken hearts that come with them.


Hometown: Warsaw
Genre: Hi-octane heavy metal
Formed in: 2003
Intrests: Boobies
Label: Independent


The holy warriors of Exlibris
Voltan - Keyboards
Piotr Sikora
Daniel - Guitars
Daniel Lechmański
Riku Turunen
Piotr Torbicz
Grzegorz Olejnik

Band photos shot by Toni Salminen @